Only natural fertilizers

From the beginning, we do not use chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. All this so as not to disturb the natural harmony which contributes to the creation of unique aromas and flavors.



In the inter-rows, we sow a special mixture of plants, thanks to which life blooms on the vineyard! . It can be said that plants form a green carpet that protects the soil from excessive water evaporation, but also provides shelter for birds, rodents and insects. Honey-bearing plants attract a wide variety of insects that compete with grapevine pests. On the other hand, papilionaceous plants fertilize the soil, providing primarily nitrogen and many other valuable nutrients.


Organic yeast

For the production of wine, we use organic yeast also certified by Vegan. Our wines are extremely aromatic.


The first and only in Poland!

We are controlled by the Polish organic farming certification body, but we are also the only one in Poland to belong to ECOVIN – a German federal association certifying only organic vineyards. Therefore, we must meet strict requirements for organic wine growing and wine production itself (for example, much lower permissible sulfite content in wine).