Kojder Vineyards

Picturesque hills of Western Pomerania, hiding the rich richness of flavors left over from the Scandinavian glacier.

  • AREAL> 8 ha
  • SOIL TYPE> Sandy tills, local chalk deposits.
  • PLANTING> Varieties of grapevines: solaris, souvignier gris, muscaris, johanniter, cabernet cortis, rondo, cabernet blanc, pinot noir.
  • NOTES> Ecological crops, without the use of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Organic yeast, Vegan certified, is used for wine production. Kojder Vineyards are the first and only member of the prestigious ECOVIN association in Poland.

Our Vineyard


The Kojder wine is made in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship (northwestern Poland), in the town of Babinek (Bielice commune) near Szczecin, in the buffer zone of the Szczecin Landscape Park “Puszcza Bukowa”, where a unique and exceptional microclimate prevails. This area is formed by postglacial uplands of ground moraine, built by sandy tills. In some places there are also deposits of chalk which give the wine its unique flavor.


Postglacial uplands of ground moraine, built by sandy tills, with local chalk deposits.


Moderate climate, characterized by high air humidity and a predominance of western and north-western winds, and in the area of the vineyard itself – due to its location in the buffer zone of the Szczecin Landscape Park “Puszcza Bukowa” – the microclimate can be described as a moderate warm transitional.


Grape varieties such as solaris, souvignier gris, muscaris, johanniter, cabernet cortis, rondo, cabernet blanc and pinot noir are grown in the vineyards.


Snow cover occurs from 40 to 60 days, and the average annual rainfall is 450 to 600 mm. The number of sunny hours is relatively large.


The northern part of the Gryfino County, where the vineyard is located, is relatively warm and dry. The course of average monthly temperatures marks two periods important for agriculture: economic and growing. The economic period begins between March 16-20 and ends between November 27 and December 4. So it takes 252 to 262 days. The growing season begins at the turn of March and April and ends in the first decade of November and lasts from 217 to 223 days.


Establishing your own vineyard has always been a dream of the Kojder family. From an early age, they traveled with their children to Italy to discover the oldest wine regions in the world. The charm of these unusual places and the knowledge and experience passed down from generation to generation resulted in the establishment of many new friendships and an extraordinary passion for wine-making for the whole family.


This is our job

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Tasting and sightseeing

If you are curious where our grapes grow, what the production process of our wines looks like and why their taste is so delicious, you can find out for yourself – we invite you!


Private and corporate events

A family celebration or a company integration meeting in our vineyard is an opportunity to spend fantastic moments in a charming area and to get acquainted with the delicious taste of our wines.

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Weddings in the vineyard

This special day in your life is worth remembering in a unique way. The charming surroundings, atmospheric place and kind people will surely be helpful in this.

Our addresses

Winnica: Babinek 29, 74-202 Bielice Biuro: Gryfińska 37b, 74-105 Pniewo Poland